Type of Feat: Character history

Prerequisite: Characters created with NWN2 preorder

Specifics: In his younger days, your foster father often served as an escort to merchants traveling the Sword Coast. Daeghun's reputation follows you and affords you special treatment from merchants.

Special Effects: 10% discount from merchants, as well as special access to rare and exotic items sold by one particular vendor.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

Contrary to above description, this feat adjusts the buying and selling price of items 15% in your favor and will also be applied to any manually generated character if the player purchased this game from certain vendors (e.g. any release from GOG.comdated November 2017 or later).

This feat can also be applied via the game console using givefeat 1764. This feat also allows access to special items sold by the merchant Dayne Lynneth in the Blacklake district. Possession of this feat makes it significantly easier to earn nearly unlimited gold in the original campaign.

Dayne is first available when you begin gathering evidence for the Trial in ACT II, and is only available during ACT II. So if he has an unusual item that interests you, be sure to buy it before entering Ammon Jerro's Haven.

Links[edit | edit source]

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