The maximum dexterity bonus indicates a cap on the bonus to AC from the dexterity ability modifier as a result of the armor that is being worn. Maximum dexterity bonus does not limit any other benefits from a high dexterity score, such as improved reflex saving throws, bonus to range attack or a bonus to melee attacks with the weapon finesse feat.

The maximum dexterity bonus on armor only refers to the cap on the dexterity ability modifier that one can add to their armor class as dexterity bonus. One still receives:

The dexterity bonus to armor class is treated as dodge armor class by the game engine. As such, it is of benefit against touch attacks but it is lost if the character is caught flat-footed or is under the effect of feint.

To find out more about the impact that armor has on dexterity-governed abilities, refer to the Dexterity and Armor check penalty articles.

PnP ComparisonEdit

In PnP, Tower shields have a maximum dexterity bonus of 2 and Encumbrance can also affect maximum dexterity bonus. This was not implemented in NWN2. Otherwise, the NWN2 implementation of maximum dexterity bonus is consistent with PnP rules.