Type of feat
1st level background trait, or Cleric with Luck domain, or lvl 11 Swashbuckler.
Required for

Character gains a +1 bonus on all saving throws as well as a +1 luck bonus to Armor Class.


Note: the addition to Armor Class granted by this feat is an unarmored bonus.

Character development implications

As shown above, with the exception of Clerics and Swashbucklers, this feat is only available to builds at level one as a Character background trait. Selection of level one feats can be a tricky business. Depending on your build goals and playing style, character background feats such as this one may be more advantageous than other selections for your PC's development. However, selecting background traits as level one feats may delay Feat and/or Class progression, and doing so may have its own implications for PC development and gameplay (e.g. Damage per Round).

For example, dedicated spell-casters may find Spellcasting Prodigy a superior starting feat, and certain combat prestige classes may select others. However, Luck of Heroes is an overall solid choice if you’re not sure what would be best.

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