Low Light Vision
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 1, Druid: 1, Ranger: 1, Sorcerer/Wizard: 1
School : Transmutation
Components : Verbal
Range : Party
Target/Area : Caster's party
Duration : 1 Hour * cLevel
20 Rounds (cLevel)
Save : None


Your party gains the low-light vision ability, allowing them to see in the dark.


Although the in-game spell description lists Assassins as having this spell at 1st level, NWN2 does not implement a spell list for this prestige class and as such it is assumed this is a mistake in the dialog.tlk


  • This spell does not appear to have any function for races that do not have the inherent ability.
  • The spell is set as harmful, meaning the party will enter combat mode when it is cast.
  • This spell tries to apply the spell effects to all henchmen, instead of all allies. This is left-over junk code from NWN1, as party members are not implemented as henchmen any longer, but as allies, so this spell will affect the caster only most of the time. However, since this spell does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, it really doesn't matter. It's best to disable this spell altogether in spells.2da.