Type: Longsword Weight: 4 pound(s)
Dmg Type: Slashing Size: Medium
Critical: 19-20/x2 Damage: 1D8
Feats: Martial, Elf, Bard
Found: ???


The longsword is the weapon most commonly associated with knights and their like. There are many variations in the blade, but all are approximately 35 to 47 inches in length.

The longsword mold requires 2 metal ingot. For the properties of exotic metals, see the Materials page.

Favored weapon[]

The following deities favor the longsword:

Any favored soul or cleric w/ War domain following one of them will automatically receive the Martial weapon proficiency feat (even if they are an elf).

Universal swords[]

Some campaigns use "universal swords," such as the Silver Sword of Gith. Though usable by all basic proficiencies, they otherwise function as longswords.