Type: type Weight: wt
Dmg Type: Size: Large
Critical: 20/x3 Damage: dmg
Feats: feats
Found: ???


The longbow is a refinement of the shortbow, designed to increase the range and power of an arrow strike. The stave portion of a longbow is nearly as tall as the archer, and can reach over six feet.

Craft WeaponEdit

A longbow is made from a longbow mold and 2 wooden planks (Basic wood). Exotic wooden materials can be used to make a more powerful longbow:

The base Craft Weapon skill requirement for crafting a longbow is 2. This will allow crafting a longbow of basic wood. If one of the exotic woods is used, the base DC is increased by the material DC modifier.

Note that all materials used to craft a weapon must be of the same type. Crafting a bow out of one Wood plank and one Duskwood plank will not work.


  • Only Solonor Thelandira and Shevarash favor the longbow.
  • Ranged ammunition launching weapons usually are enchanted with an attack bonus, rather than an enchantment bonus, in the Original Campaign.

Bug Edit

See notes on the Mighty page for information about incorrect in-game damage notation for bows.

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