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Alias(es): Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Power: Intermediate deity
Pantheon: The Dark Seldarine (Drow)
Symbol: Black spider with female drow head hanging from a spider web
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Cleric alignment: CE, CN, NE
Portfolio: Assassins, chaos, darkness, drow, evil, spiders
Worshippers: Drow and depraved elves, sentient spiders
Canon NWN2 domains: Chaos  Darkness  Destruction  Evil  Trickery  
Other canon domains: Drow, Spider
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Dagger - a spider
Allies: Loviatar, Malar
Enemies: The Seldarine, Ghaunadaur, Eilistraee, non-drow Underdark deities, Gruumsh


Symbol of Lolth

Lolth (loalth) embodies the absolute evil of the drow. She is malicious in her dealings with others and coldly vicious in a fight. Lolth began as an intermediary goddess but transformed into a greater goddess through the events that transpired in the War of the Spider Queen series. In most settings, Lolth is seen as the leader of the Drow pantheon.