Clerics who take the Law domain have strong minds and are also adept at controlling others.

Law domain.jpg

This domain grants a cleric the following additions:

Domain power[edit source]

Granted power: Clerics with the law domain receive the Iron Will feat for free.

Spells[edit source]

Level Spell
1 Lionheart
5 Hold Monster
7 Mass Hold Person

This domain was added with Mask of the Betrayer expansion.

NWN comparison[edit | edit source]

  • This domain was not available in NWN1.

3.5 comparison[edit | edit source]

  • Clerics in DnD 3.5 receive a Domain spell for every spell level.
  • The original benefits of this domain are contained in the Hypertext SRD for comparison. SRD: Cleric Domains
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