Type: Martial Weight: 2 pound(s)
Dmg Type: Slashing Size: Tiny
Critical: 18-20/×2 Damage: 1d4
Feats: Martial
Found: Look


A kukri is a weapon a little larger than a dagger, with a heavy, curved blade whose inward edge is sharpened for deadly chopping power.

A kukri mold requires 1 metal ingot. For the properties of exotic metals, see the Materials page.

Note that Kukri behaves as Exotic mold when crafting, requiring 8 Craft Weapon skill instead of 5 like other Martial weapons. So to craft Adamantine Kukri one needs 23 skill in Craft Weapon, while only needing 20 for an Adamantine Rapier, despite them both being Martial weapons.

Favored weapon[]

Only Thard Harr, Leira and Bahgtru favor the Kukri. Any favored soul or cleric w/ War domain following either of them automatically receive the Martial weapon proficiency feat.