Type of feat
Required for
Improved knockdown

A character with this feat can attempt a special knockdown attempt, which does not cause damage but can provoke an attack of opportunity. A character may only knock down creatures that are one size larger than itself or less. The attacker makes a d20 roll modified by his strength bonus, and the difference between his creature size and the target creature size times 4. The defender makes a d20 roll modified by the better of his strength and dexterity bonus. If the attacker meets or beats the defender's roll, the defender is knocked down. Prone characters cannot attack. Characters receive a +4 bonus to attack prone opponents in melee on the next flurry of attack(s) until the end of the round, but a -4 penalty to attack them with a ranged weapon.


Special: Monks receive this feat for free at level 6. A Wolf animal companion will receive Knockdown for free at 1st level.


  • A successful Knockdown disrupts spellcasting.
  • Knockdown requires a successful melee touch attack to be made.
  • Knockdown has a 12 second cooldown after each attempt.
  • The check for the knockdown attempt is not modified by spells such as Enlarge Person and Reduce Person because these have no effect on the size modifier.
  • It is most effective against a target that has a low dexterity and strength - commonly wizards and sorcerers, although bard and cleric type classes may not have a great deal of those either. However, most spell casters have defensive spells that protect against this feat.
  • As a note, this obviously is most useful in a party situation, because if there are allies attacking the target, they gain a bonuses to attack them for one round, and the target cannot defend itself (it loses, for instance, combat expertise bonuses).
  • Knockdown can be blocked by mirror image.
  • Knockdown attempts can be parried.
  • The spells foundation of stone and storm avatar confer immunity to knockdown.
  • A prone opponent recovers at the end of the round, which can be very brief if the Knockdown occurs with later attacks.
  • The +4 bonus to prone targets may not be always be advantageous, with the one attack used for the Knockdown and then the bonus is delayed until the next flurry of attacks, which can be at a much lower AB.

NWN1 comparisonEdit

It dealt damage, but was an attack with -4 to hit, and had the same effects applied. It also was countered by the now removed discipline skill, since the attack roll also had to beat the targets discipline.