Kipp (male true neutral human rogue) is a joinable NPC.

Much of what is known about Kipp comes from his own words. According to Kipp, he learned his thieving trade from his father, who was a noted thief who retired to West Harbor , only to be killed, along with his wife (apparently a West Harbor native), by lizardlings when he built a house deeper in the swamp. Kipp's aunt, the local midwife, took in him and his siblings, only Kipp's thieving ways led to him being thrown out of the house. Since then, he's been living by his wits, sleeping in barns and using his skills in order to eat. He's too proud to accept any charity from anyone.

Kipp has been known to steal items from Tarmas, most notably basilisk eyelashes (four times, according to Tarmas); Kipp claims the eyelashes were for his pet frogs, but the validity of this statement is ambiguous. He also has a habit of chucking acorns at the West Harbor militia during their drills.

Kipp's fate following the destruction of West Harbor is unknown.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This character is a child. He only joins you on a specific quest during the tutorial, and even then, only if your own thievery skills are too low. He permanently leaves your party after the tutorial. Unsurprisingly, his stats are mediocre: 8 STR, 17 DEX, 12 CON, 13 INT, 8 WIS, 9 CHA.

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