Type of feat
Required for

Characters with this feat may apply their full Search skill even when making a passive Search.



  • This feat automatically puts a character in Search (a.k.a. detect) mode without the normal movement penalty.
  • Spot and Listen checks are normally made once per round by all races, but this feat essentially grants Elves the ability to be in full search/detect mode at all times. Specifically it appears Player Characters in detect mode will, at the expense of a movement rate penalty, perform trap checks twice per round while spot and listen checks for stealth will be made once per second (as of v1.22) and with greater chance of success (d20 in detect mode for spot and listen vs d10 as a standard skill check).
  • While other races may enter full search/detect mode to obtain the above benefits, only Elves may skip the movement penalty.
  • Since feint and sleight of hand are treated by the game as instantaneous actions, they only require one check to work. Therefore neither this feat nor detect mode will grant multiple checks against them.
  • The ability to have a PC with detect mode always on as a free additional mode presents advantages over characters who may otherwise need to toggle between modes, especially during combat.
  • This feat cannot be disabled.

The talk page reveals there is debate about several aspects of this feat. In particular:

  • The increased check frequency (6 times per round vs 1 check per round)
  • Its range of detection (10 foot vs. 5 foot radius and range in feet vs range in meters)
  • What it detects (secret doors & traps only vs. everything - including opponents in stealth mode)

However, until the NWN2 community sees evidence otherwise, this feat (from the game code) should probably be considered valid as presented.