Katriona (female Lawful good human fighter) is a recruitable NPC.

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"Holding her heavy blade and shield as if they were made of driftwood, this beautiful woman's finely-honed muscles are poorly concealed by her patchwork armor that bears the dents and creases of countless battles. She wears a necklace, dangling down to her waist, composed of enough tusks to populate the mouths of a small orc town. The length of cloth on her belt used to clean her sword is soaked red and oozing from blood still fresh from the morning's catch."

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As a sergeant, she can be assigned to the following tasks and provide bonuses to Crossroad Keep's stats:

  • recruiting greycloacks = +10% recruitment rate
  • patrols = +5 to road and land security
  • special assignments = +1 outcome
  • training = -1 time required to train greycloacks, allows greycloak training to be the best of the best

Official Campaign[edit | edit source]

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The PC first meets Katriona when she and Casavir ambush a group of orcs at Old Owl Well. Katriona was once farmer at Old Owl Well but decided to join Casavir in driving out the orcs and served as his sergeant. After liberating Old Owl Well, she stays at Callum’s camp and helps with greycloaks. When the PC acquires Crossroad Keep and is looking for able sergeants to help, she gladly accepts the position and figured it was time for a change of scenery. If she is put in charge of training the greycloaks, she forms the Captain’s Company, comprising the best and brightest the keep has to offer and provides a large morale boost to the troops. Her fate is unknown at the end of the campaign.

Deleted Content[edit | edit source]

  • Katriona was suppose to be recruitable much earlier in the game to help Kana and the PC serve either in the City Watch or in Axle's gang.
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