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Joy is a recruitable NPC.

"This beautiful woman moves fluidly and her perpetual smile makes you feel like she has never known sadness her entire life"

Background[edit | edit source]

Joy was brought up by priests of Lathander together with her twin sister Light of Heavens. She is a dancer who takes pride in bringing happiness and light to the people and can be found in the midst of the evacuation of Neverwinter's Merchant Quarter in ACT III.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

Joy can be recruited to Crossroad Keep to serve at the inn to fulfill a quest given by Sal.

If the PC is evil aligned, recruiting Joy will require a successful bluff or diplomacy check - skills easily enhanced by items and/or spells. If the attempt fails you may always try again later.

Joy may give you the "Charm of Joy", a miscellaneous item that looks like an amulet. Earning this amulet has the following qualifiers (which are the same as obtaining the Warden of the Keep epithet):

  • In addition to Joy, also recruit her sister - Light of Heavens
  • Build the Church of Tyr
  • Greycloak Civility at Crossroad Keep must be "High". This requires the PC to turn Uncus away at Crossroad Keep, which in turn has the prerequisite of siding with the City Watch in ACT I.
  • Along with Uncus, Caelryna also must not be in the keep (she can always be invited after the charm is obtained).

Joy increases Keep income by 10%.

Charm of Joy[edit | edit source]

As long as you are good aligned (or have high enough rank in the Use Magic Device skill), just keeping this item in your inventory will passively increase your Charisma by 3 and provide a +3 AC (dodge based) bonus vs. Evil opponents.

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