Jalboun of the Two Blades (male True Neutral human fighter) is a recruitable NPC.

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"Jalboun smells like he bathed in a vat of ale, but he appears to be a grissled veteran of a warrior. The crooked grin he wears makes it difficult to believe he takes anything seriously."


As a sergeant, he can be assigned to the following tasks and provide "bonuses" to Crossroad Keep's stats (with the the exception of special assignments, he usually does harm rather than good):

  • recruiting greycloaks = -10% recruitment rate
  • patrols = -5 road and land security
  • training = +1 time required to train greycloaks
  • special assignments = +3 to outcome

Official CampaignEdit

Jalboun was originally an officer in the Luskan military. However he was dishonorably discharged from the army for undisclosed reasons. One everybody knows though is that his former military career was tainted all over with scandals. He later found employment as Sydney Natale's bodyguard. If the PC successfully bribes Jalboun to turn against Sydney, he can be recruited as a sergeant at Crossroad Keep. He doesn’t seem to get along with Kana, who is more than happy to send Jalboun on special missions far, far away from the keep. His methods are unorthodox but he does produce good results. While at the keep, he usually hangs out infront of the Phoenix Tail Inn and tries to convince the PC to build a gambling den. His fate is unknown at the end of the campaign though it is most likely that he survived since he is a Forgotten Realms NPC just like Lord Nasher.[1]


  • Jalboun was originally intended to be a gladiator that fought in Luskan's Vulture's Garden.
  • Jalboun

    Jalboun of the Two Blade

    Even though he is thought to be "Chaotic evil" Examing him while he is in your party will show True Neutral


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