Full Title WOI
Lands of Isandor
Type: Roleplay Persistent World
Language: English
Status: Offline
Lands of Isandor, A world of Freeform ability and Intriguing Roleplay

The Isandor playerworld is a unique Gameworld played for more than three years in NWN 1. As the creator of the server is currently beta-testing the toolset of NWN 2 she is going to have Isandor up and running soon after the release of the game. Featuring lots of unique custom rules, content and a playstyle unlike any other nwn world.

We offer you alternate ways of advancement with our own custom scripting. in such a freeform world. you are allowed to choose over 10+ 'Sub-Classes' when you develop your character. Ranging from Farmer, builder, Potter to Inventor and Archeologist. The world is a player ran server. your actions affect how your world is ran. this world is a 'Semi-Real Time Strategy' with a bit of 'Simulation'. The building of structures adds on as another improvement in the module. it works like the warcraft series. obtain enough wood and build various structures. You can build small camps to Large empires. But we need YOU! Join a world and be amazed at how you'll notice.. this isnt like any other module you've seen before. Join a world of advancement and adventure. Lands of Isandor.


  • 1.) Heavy Roleplay / Lots of Character and Player Interaction.
    • And if you aren't that good at roleplaying, or you don't think you are. Our GM staff will personally train and help those who do not know much on roleplaying.
  • 2.) Personal DM Attention
    • You never need to be afraid to ask a DM for help, or even just a question.
    • We are a friendly community built on a strong foundation.
  • 3.) Good Scripting and Area Design [We're known for this special feature.]
    • Each one of our scripters take time to make sure each and every area is perfect.
    • If there's a bug, or a glitch we will fix it right away.
    • You can even build structures of various kinds, from crates to actual homes and abodes.
    • All structures are 100% persistent through resets.
    • You are free to create that unique bandit camp, or that merchant encampment for you and your guild.
  • 4.) Peculiar Death
    • It can range from something that you may think is nothing serious, to a crazed worg, or even a physcopath on the loose.
  • 5.) Level Progession
    • Can be rewarded for outstanding roleplaying, or coming up with a new and exciting event.
  • 6.) Magic
    • You can be an apprentice of a great wizard, or become the highest archmage known.
  • 7.) Good, Solid Community
    • We have a good, solid forum that will stay there.
    • Admin and DM's always read your concerns, questions, ideas and even complaints. And it's a promise that you will get feedback.

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