Invocations are spell-like abilities used by the Warlock. They rely on the Charisma attribute. Invocations have somatic and occasionally verbal components. Like the eldritch blast, they can be used an unlimited number of times per day.

Available invocations[]

Least invocations[]
Invocation ESL Type Description
Eldritch Spear 2nd Blast shape Blast range increases to 250 feet.
Hideous Blow 1st Blast shape Melee attack channels an eldritch blast.
Draining Blast 2nd Eldritch essence Target of Eldritch Blast must make Will save or be slowed for 1 round.
Frightful Blast 2nd Eldritch essence If enemy is < 6HD and fails will save, they are frightened for 10 rounds. Their will save vs mind spells drops by 2, and damage and AB decrease by 2.
Beguiling Influence 2nd Other Duration: 24h, +6 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate.
Dark One's Own Luck 2nd Other Duration: 24h, Charisma modifier bonus to all Saving Throws.
Darkness 1st Other Duration: 1 round/lvl Darkness, as per spell.
Devil's Sight 2nd Other Duration: 24h, Grants Darkvision 60'. Supposed to grant Ultravision (as spell), but currently bugged.
Entropic Warding 2nd Other Duration: 1 turn/lvl, +4 Move Silently and Hide, 20% concealment from ranged attacks.
Leaps and Bounds 2nd Other Duration: 24h, +4 bonus to Dexterity and Tumble.
Otherworldly Whispers 2nd Other Duration: 24h, +6 bonus to Lore and Spellcraft.
See the Unseen 2nd Other Duration: 24h, See Invisibility spell + Darkvision 60'.

Lesser invocations[]
Invocation ESL Type Description
Eldritch Chain 4th Blast shape Blast jumps to caster level/5 secondary targets. All secondary targets take half damage.
Beshadowed Blast 4th Eldritch essence Target must make Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round (i.e., -2 AC, considered flat-footed).
Brimstone Blast 3rd Eldritch essence Duration: 1 round/5 caster levels. For every round the enemy fails his Reflex save, he takes 2d6 fire damage. Once a save is made, it stops. Does not stack.
Hellrime Blast 4th Eldritch essence Blast deals cold damage and target must make Fortitude save or take -2 penalty to dex for 3 rounds.
Charm 4th Other As Charm Monster spell (i.e. 50% improvement in reputation). Save vs. Will. Duration 3 rounds + 1 per 2 class levels. Spell resistance applies.
Curse of Despair 4th Other Save vs. Will or be permanently cursed with -3 to all abilities, e.g., Strength, Dexterity, etc. Spell resistance applies.
Dread Seizure 4th Other Reduces speed of target by 1/2 and applies penalties to attacks on creatures more than 5ft from target.
Flee the Scene 4th Other As Haste spell for 5 rounds on whole party.
The Dead Walk 4th Other Duration: 1 hour/caster level. As Animate Dead spell. Summons an undead follower:levels 1-6: Skeleton;levels 7-10: Zombie;Level 11+: Skeleton warrior.
Voracious Dispelling 4th Other As Dispel Magic spell where if any spells are dispelled the target takes 1 point of damage/2 caster levels (capped at 10 levels). No save, but spell resistance applies.
Walk Unseen 2nd Other Duration: 24 hours, as Invisibility spell (i.e., 50% concealment, opponent loses Dexterity bonus to AC).
Greater invocations[]
Invocation ESL Type Description
Eldritch Cone 5th Blast shape Blast takes shape of a cone.
Bewitching Blast 4th Eldritch essence Save vs Will or become confused for 1 round.(Immunity to Mind spells can prevent this aspect)
Hindering Blast 4th Eldritch essence A creature affected by Hindering Blast is slowed for 1 round (Will negates).
Noxious Blast 6th Eldritch essence Target must make Fortitude save or be dazed for 10 rounds.
Vitriolic Blast 6th Eldritch essence Blast ignores spell resistance and deals 2d6 acid damage per round for one round/5 levels. Effect stacks with itself.
Chilling Tentacles 5th Other Duration: 1 round/lvl, Special version of Evard's Black Tentacles with additional 2d6 cold damage each round. Damage caused by this spell breaks invisibility.
Devour Magic 6th Other A touch-range Dispel Magic spell where caster gains 2*casterLeveltemporary HP for each spell dispelled for a short time (1 minute per gained HP).
Tenacious Plague 6th Other Duration: 3 rounds, Special version of Creeping Doom. This invocation summons masses of biting and stinging insects. One swarm is summoned for every three class levels. A swarm has a +4 base attack bonus (with an additional to hit bonus based on the caster's Charisma x 2) and deals 2d6 points of magical damage when it hits.
Wall of Perilous Flame 5th Other Duration: 3 rounds, a modified Wall of Flame that does 2d6 + CHA modifier fire damage/round (x2 damage to undead)(half damage is magical and can't be resisted).

Dark invocations[]
Invocation ESL Type Description
Eldritch Doom 8th Blast shape Blast affects all creatures within a 20ft blast radius. Reflex save for half damage.
Binding Blast 7th Eldritch Essence Target must make a Will save or be stunned for one round.
Utterdark Blast 8th Eldritch essence Target must make Fortitude save or gain two negative levels for the duration of 1 hour. This invocation deals negative energy damage.
Dark Foresight 9th Other DR 10/alchemical silver for 1 round/level or until CasterLevel*10 (max 150) damage is absorbed.(Bugged in v1.03: At caster level 15+ it lasts for 150 rounds or until Casterlevel*10 damage is absorbed.)
Retributive Invisibility 6th Other Duration: 3 rounds, Invisibility, Greater (50% conceal). Should it be dispelled,hostiles within a 'huge' blast radius will take 4d6 magic damage (Fort save for half).
Word of Changing 5th Other Duration: 1 turn/lvl, Warlock turns into a cornugon (horned devil).