Requirements : Perform = 3

This is a form of bardic inspiration.

A bard can use song or poetics to inspire jarring in his enemies. All enemies within 20’ of the bard suffer a -4 penalty to all Concentration checks and -2 to all Will saves.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bards gain inspire jarring at 14th level.
  • It requires 3 ranks of perform to work.

Bug Notes[edit | edit source]

(1.03) Discipline doesn't exist in NWN2. Why does it still exist in the script? (Line 45)

Modding Notes[edit | edit source]

Although you'd expect the (uncommented in the script) EffectJarring() effect to be used, it isn't. It is unknown what EffectJarring() does!

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