Initiative: is a system of determining the order of actions in battle. Before the first round of combat, each combatant makes a single initiative check. Each round, the participants act in order from the highest initiative result to the lowest.

Use: Automatic

Note: Initiative results are unknown and players see only their own initiative check and may only guess if they are successful. Other effects such as the number of attacks, creature speed and weapon reach may also influence first strike. Prior to initiative creatures may also be flat-footed and will lose their Dex modifier against ranged attacks.

D&D Note: NWN2 uses a hybrid of turn based and real time game play and such initiative only benefits the first melee strike of any encounter.

NWN2 Tip: In order for initiative to be successful, the attacking character must initiate combat and not delay in their action; As waiting for an attacking opponent will forfeit first strike. Due to the limitations of initiative, it is generally not recommended to take feats that improve initiative.

Gameplay notes Edit

To avoid always losing first strike, characters may charge their opponent. Other methods to improve the effective of initiative is to combine with other feats such as quickly using Hide in Plain Sight after their first strike or quickly switching to Parry mode. However (with practice, default action hotkey) timed strikes with weapons of longer reach and or using stealth are more reliable methods of gaining first strike. (Initiative ranged shot, moving target penalty and mission volley bonus all in one screenshot)