Type of feat
Barbarian level 5, Rogue level 8, Assassin level 5, Dwarven defender level 6, Shadowdancer level 5, Shadow Thief of Amn level 5;
Required for

A character with this feat cannot be the victim of a sneak attack unless the attacker performing the sneak attack has at least 4 or more levels in classes that give sneak attack bonuses (such as rogue or assassin) than character levels of the defender with this feat.



  • If a character has more than one class that provides improved uncanny dodge (or uncanny dodge) the total levels of both classes are used to determine the minimum class level required to flank the character.
  • Unlike 3.5, Uncanny Dodge is not upgraded to Improved Uncanny Dodge, if a character with the feat gains it again from another class.

Gameplay notes[]

This feat is somewhat misunderstood due to its incomplete description: it will not give the user blanket immunity to sneak attacks, but it does render the user immune to sneak attacks that are delivered via flank attacks.

Also, the basis of overcoming immunity to sneak attacks with the above in-game description is incorrect: Rather than merely classes with sneak attack bonuses being used, Improved Uncanny dodge may only be overcome by attackers with 4 or more levels in classes that grant Uncanny Dodge than the defender has class levels that grant Uncanny Dodge (i.e. Rogue and Assassin class levels qualify, but Arcane Trickster and Neverwinter Nine do not). Consider the following examples:

  • if an 18th level rogue attempts to flank attack a 15th level rogue to deliver a sneak attack, she may get the +2 bonus for flank attacks but if she hits, sneak attack damage parameters will not apply.
  • if the same 18th level rogue attacks the 15th level rogue from behind, sneak attack damage parameters will apply.
  • A 26th level player has 18 levels as rogue, 8 levels as a Swashbuckler and is invisible. She runs to the same 15th level rogue to deliver an improved flank attack while he is actively fighting another. She may get a +4 bonus to hit for an improved flank attack, but if she hits sneak attack damage will not apply.
  • A 25th level player (A) has 18 levels as rougue and 7 levels as Shadowdancer. She runs to a 26th opponent (B) with 11 levels in rogue, 10 in assassin and 5 in Neverwinter Nine. "B" is actively fighting another and "A" attempts to deliver a flank attack. "A" will get a +2 to hit "B" from flanking and, if she hits, sneak attack damage will apply.
  • if an 18th level rogue flank attacks a 14th level rogue, she would get a +2 to attack bonus (for a flank attack) and, it she hits, do sneak attack damage.
  • if a 7th level rogue in stealth mode is able to approach a 12th level rogue, who is currently in combat, undetected - the 12th level rogue will be treated as flat-footed (for the first flurry of attacks) and all attacks in the first round will deliver sneak attack damage.