Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep level 10.

Specifics: At 10th level, the Arcane Scholar becomes especially adept at quickening spells. Quickened spells now only use up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell's actual level. Quickened spells can be cast instantaneously, making them invulnerable to interruption. A quickened spell is not vulnerable to arcane spell failure when wearing armour, does not provoke an attack of opportunity and can't be counterspelled. A quickened spell is cast as a free action, and another action can be attempted within the same round, including the casting of another spell. Only one quickened spell can be cast per round.

Use: Improved Quickened spells occupy spell slots three levels higher than normal.

For a list of all spells which can be enhanced by this feat, see: Category:Spells that can be Quickened.

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