Type of feat
Int 13+, Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +6
Required for

A character with this feat can make defensive attacks, gaining a +6 bonus to AC but receiving a -6 penalty to attack rolls.

Combat mode

Gameplay Notes Edit

  • Improved Combat Expertise AC is of the "Untyped" type, meaning it works against all attacks, including touch attacks, is not lost flat-footed, and stacks with all other forms of AC.
  • The attack penalty does not apply to the AB used for touch attacks, essentially making it free AC for a caster.
  • It only works with melee weapons equpped, though it can be used while casting spells.

NWN comparisonEdit

  • Improved Expertise in NWN gave a fixed +10 bonus to Armor Class with a fixed -10 to-hit penalty.

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