Highcliff is a coastal village near Fort Locke and Crossroad Keep.

Official Campaign[]

The player first travels there on Daegun's orders to board a ship instead of taking the High Road, where an old friend of his can secure a passage to Neverwinter. At the time of the player character's first arrival, Highcliff is plagued by many lizardfolk who sink any outbound ships and raze farmlands, hoping to drive humans away. The player has to resolve the matter before securing passage.

In Act III, Highcliff is besieged by the lizardfolk, now led by an influencial prophet. Depending on how the player handles it, the lizardfolk may join as allies at Crossroad Keep.

Ultimately, the village is sacked by the undead armies of the Shadow Reavers. Lord Nasher leads an attack to try and reclaim the village, but is wounded and forced to retreat to Crossroad Keep.