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"This creature looks like a massive, rough humanoid toad with arms in place of forelegs. Its wide mouth has rows of blunt, powerful teeth, and long spines run down the length of its back."

The Hezrou is a large demon, notorious for their foul body odor.

Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Outsider 10
  • Always chaotic evil
  • Damage reduction 10/good
  • Immunity to electricity and poison
  • Resistance to acid 10/-, cold 10/-, and fire 10/-
  • Spell resistance 20
  • Weapon Proficiency (creature), Blind-Fight, Cleave, Power Attack, Toughness
  • Has a noxious stench that applies the Slow effect to targets in the vicinity (no saving throw, but Freedom of Movement or immunity to poison negate) and decreases STR, CON, and DEX by 4 (DC24 Fortitude save against poison or immunity to ability decrease / immunity to poison negate). If targets are immune to poison, saving throws are still attempted (bug), but even if failed, the penalties are not applied. However, the AI will enter combat mode and will attempt to retaliate, possibly resulting in the loss of invisibility/etherealness.
  • Can Summon Tanar'ri and Doom (caster level 13) once per day
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