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A half-elf, a half-orc, and a half-drow (from left to right).

Humans and elves sometimes wed, the elf attracted to the human's energy and the human to the elf 's grace. These marriages end quickly as elves count years because a human's life is so brief, but they leave an enduring legacy - half-elf children. The life of a half-elf can be hard. If raised by elves, the half-elf seems to grow with astounding speed, reaching maturity within two decades. If, on the other hand, she is raised by humans, the half-elf finds herself different from her peers, more aloof, more sensitive, less ambitious, and slower to mature. Half-elves are paler, fairer, and smoother-skinned than their human parents, but their actual skin tones and other details vary just as human features do. Half-elves tend to have green, elven eyes. They live to about 300 years of age, sometimes more.

Racial features[]

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Size: Medium

Favored class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass half-elf takes an XP penalty, her highest-level class does not count.

DnD 3.5 comparison[]

  • NWN and NWN2 both exclude language abilities.

NWN comparison[]

  • The half-elf race has unique character models in NWN2. In the original NWN, half-elves shared the same models as humans.
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