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Greater deities can do practically anything. They stand on top of the pyramid of deific power, and their resources are nearly limitless.

Sensing Abilities: These beings are practically omniscient. They always know what is happening on the entire plane they inhabit and the planes that any of their or their allies' worshipers or holy objects are currently on. They also know what is happening on the plane that anyone or anything that speaks one of their names or titles currently is on for a year after the name is spoken. In many cases, they can accurately predict the precise actions of mortals and other deities based on their vast knowledge. Unfortunately, this sensing ability can be blocked by the conscious effort of powers of equal stature.

Creation: Greater deities can create any object, animate or inanimate they can think of. This process is draining, however, since they are converting their own energy stores into physical objects. Therefore, the deity must rest for one turn per ton of mass she or he wishes to manifest.

Life and Death: Greater deities can kill any living mortal creature with but a thought. Likewise, they can bestow life upon any slain mortal being anywhere. Of course, another greater god can reverse this effect immediately, if so desired.

Multitasks: Greater deities can perform any number of tasks at once.

Avatars: Greater deities can employ up to 10 avatars at a time, moving them between planes at will. If one is destroyed, a greater deity requires one day to make another.