Type of Feat: Special

Prerequisite: Damage Reduction 1/- (Barbarian)

Specifics: This trait grants the character a +1 bonus to their existing Damage Reduction ability. If it would normally rise thereafter with level, it does so at its previous rate, adding the +1 normally. For example, a 13th-level barbarian has damage reduction 3/-. By taking this feat, he raises it to 4/-. When he reaches 16th level, his damage reduction becomes 5/- and at 19th level, it becomes 6/-.

Use: Automatic.

Gameplay Notes: To acquire this feat, your character must have at least Damage Reduction 1/-. Thus it is only available to Barbarians. Other damage reduction abilities such as those of a Dwarven Defender or Warlock do NOT qualify. Likewise, activated abilties that grant damage reduction (such as Shadow Evade and Divine Wrath) do NOT qualify the character for this feat.