Type of feat
Monk, Flurry of blows, level 11
Required for

At 11th level, a monk receives a second extra attack when using Flurry of blows and using unarmed strikes or his special monk weapons (kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, and siangham).

Selectable combat mode

Expanded description[]

At 11th level, the Flurry of blows ability expands further by unlocking Greater Flurry which gives the monk two additional attacks per round instead of just one. The monk must be using Flurry of Blows and using unarmed strikes or his special monk weapons (kama, shuriken, and quarterstaff in the official campaign). The two additional attacks stack with whatever number of attacks the monk normally has from his Base attack bonus.


  • Flurry of Blows and Greater Flurry of Blows both give one more extra attack than they should at the end of the attack schedule. This extra attack is applied if the character is using flurry while wearing armor or using a shield. This extra attack is not doubled by Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting.

Example use cases[]

  1. A 20th level Monk has a BAB of +15/+10/+5. Using Greater Flurry the attack progression becomes +15/+15/+15/+10/+5.
  2. A 16th level Monk/4th level Fighter with Greater Two-Weapon Fighting has a BAB of +16/+11/+6/+1. Using Greater Flurry the number of attacks becomes +16/+16/+16/+11/+6/+1. Using Greater Two Weapon Fighting AND Greater Flurry, the monk has nine attacks per round: +14/+14/+14/+9/+4/-1 with the primary hand and +14/+9/+4 off-hand.
  3. A 12th level Monk/18th level Fighter with Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Flurry and Haste buff has 18 attacks, 9 with each hand.

Note, however, that unarmed strike cannot be used as part of a dual-wield in NWN2, so these examples only apply to weapons like the kama.

NWN1 Comparison[]

NWN1 uses 3E rules, where monk attacks follow a faster rate progression than other weapons.