Gnolls are a humanoid race that most closely resemble hyenas. Standing up to 7 1/2 feet in height, with the females being significantly shorter, gnolls cut an impressive visage. Their skin is a greenish-gray, and their furry hide is marked with brown spots and a dirty yellow to reddish-gray mane. Nocturnal by nature, gnolls are not picky about what they eat—or whether it's been cooked or not. They are strong and tough, however they are lacking in force of personality and intelligence.

The typical gnoll is cruel and hateful. Firmly believers in the policy of "Might makes Right", they often kill and steal to get what they want. They're also rather cowardly, groveling at the presence of anyone stronger then themselves. They're lazy and disorderly, really only motivated by greed. Even with promise of an easy victory, a gnoll is rather quick to abandon his task if not under the control of a strong leader. Usually they bind together as a tribe or clan under a the banner of a strong leader who, while occasionally being priest or shaman, is usually a large and powerful warrior.

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