Gith was a forerunner who lead a thrall rebellion on Pharagos, rising up against their illithid masters. Toppling the illithid empire, she lead the forerunners to the Astral Plane.

Soon after, a schism soon emerged among the forerunners, over a dispute with Zerthimon over her war plans. At the "Pronouncement of Two Skies," those who wished to follow Gith in her crusade against any race that might be a threat to them became the githyanki, while those who supported Zerthimon's calls for restraint became the githzerai and fled to the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo.

Sometime later, Gith traveled to the Lower Planes and sought to forge a pact with Tiamat. Though the deal was made, Gith's ultimate fate is unknown as she disappeared in the Nine Hells of Baator. Her advisor Vlaakith, the Lich Queen, became the current leader of githyanki.

Though Gith's fate is a mystery, her silver sword was given to Akachi as a gift from Myrkul but was lost after Akachi betrayed Myrkul and crusaded against the Wall of the Faithless. An unspecified amount of time later it was retrieved by Ammon Jerro with assistance from Mephasm and Prince Levistus. Jerro used it to battle the King of Shadows, and was shattered. The shards were eventually collected and reforged by the Kalach-cha.

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