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From left to right: air genasi, fire genasi, earth genasi, water genasi

The genasi are planetouched mortals with an elemental ancestry. The most common are the ones who are related to the four classical elements: air, earth, fire and water. Less commonly, para-elemental and quasi-elemental genasi also exist.

Genasi are descended from elemental-related creatures, such as efreeti, dao, djinni, jann, and marids, among others. Most of them have had no direct contact with their elemental forebears, but the signs of their heritage are apparent. Genasi take great pride in their distinctive features and abilities.

They resemble humans only with one or two unusual features which correspond to their element, such as wispy hair for air genasi or red skin for fire genasi. Genasi also have special abilities which correspond to their element.

The Mask of the Betrayer expansion adds the genasi as a playable race. The para- and quasi-elemental genasi are not included.

Types of GenasiEdit


  • Because of certain known limitations of the Aurora engine, some concessions were made regarding the elemental abilities. Fire Genasi will have a "fire shield"-like effect vs. the canon control-fire. Water Genasi will have the ability to create a shielding/obscuring mist vs. the create water ability.
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