Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Frenzied berserker level 1

Specifics: A 1st-level Frenzied Berserker gains the ability to frenzy. Frenzy adds a +6 bonus to Strength (no Constitution bonus), imposes a -4 penalty to AC, and gives the Frenzied Berserker a single extra attack at their highest Base Attack Bonus (this does not stack with haste or other effects that add an additional attack). Each round of the frenzy, the frenzied berserker takes 6 points of damage. The effects last 3 + Constitution modifier rounds, after which the frenzied berserker is fatigued for 5 rounds, suffering -2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, and -10% movement penalties. Initially, this ability can be used once per day and at 3rd level and every odd level after that, the frenzied berserker gains an additional use per day. Bonuses and penalties (including fatigue effects) from Frenzy and Barbarian Rage stack with each other.

Use: Automatic.

Gameplay NotesEdit

  • The actual duration is actually (3+CON modifier) rounds+2 seconds. Why an additional 2 seconds duration is granted is unclear.
  • The bonuses are only applied if the berserker's CON is higher than 0. If you somehow manage to drain the enemy's CON to 0, the enemy may still use the ability, but no bonuses will be applied.
  • The damage imposed by the use of the ability is not resistable by any form of damage resistance.
  • The extra attack does stack with haste, contrary to the description.
  • The bonus given to STR is an enhancement bonus, thus does not stack with any items.