Flee the Scene
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 4, Warlock: Lesser
Components : Somatic
Range : Personal
Duration : 30 seconds
Spell resistance : No

Effect[edit | edit source]

You and your party become temporarily hasted, gaining an additional attack, a 50% movement bonus, a +1 bonus to attack rolls and an additional +1 dodge bonus to AC for 30 seconds.

Description Typo[edit | edit source]

The ingame spell description says that Flee the Scene adds +4 bonus to AC; this is not true. Flee the Scene has the same effects as the Haste spell (+1 AC).

Comment[edit | edit source]

This will give all the non-casters an extra attack. Being a warlock, however, you don't get an extra Blast or Invocation per round for yourself.

3.5E comparison[edit | edit source]

This invocation functions very differently as it acts as a teleportation ability, allowing the Warlock and one medium or smaller creature to be teleported to a new location, leaving an illusion behind for one round.

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