Flank Attack

Specifics: Flanking is gaining an advantageous position over an enemy by attacking where they are least able to defend. This can be achieved by attacking an enemy who is actively fighting another opponent. If successful the attacker gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls against flanked enemies and the opportunity for sneak attack.

Use: Flank attacks are more likely to be successful when attacking from behind. However, flank attacks can be achieved in the forward arc of an opponent. If used with the Improved Flanking feat, you gain a +4 bonus on your attack roll and improved odds of success.

Note:  Ranged weapons can be used with this ability but, regardless of the flanked target's susceptibility to Sneak Attack, they will not be considered flat-footed by default.

D&D Note: In gameplay this ability differs from the pen-and-paper 3.5 definition: it does not require attacking from direct opposite positions, only the target actively fighting another.

NWN2 Tip: Delay or time attacks until the target is actively attacking another because a hostile target (or in combat stance) is insufficient for achieving flank attacks. Also, the target will react to your attack if not already busy.

Gameplay: This ability can be very effective for sneak attacks but is not always practicable, as it does require tactical team work. Plus your target maybe able to avoid the sneak attack with the Improved Uncanny Dodge ability.