Flail (Morningstar)
Type: Melee Weight: 5 pound(s)
Dmg Type: Bludgeoning Size: Medium
Critical: 20/x2 Damage: 1d8
Feats: Martial
Charges: N/A
Found: ???

Description[edit | edit source]

Although identified as Flail (a farming implement, that does not exist in NWN2). Correctly, this morningstar is a derivative of the mace that includes a chain tether - similar to the flail - to add velocity when swinging its compact striking surface. Morningstars commonly have at least one formidable spike as an added feature of the head.

A flail mold requires 1 metal ingot. For the properties of exotic metals, see the Materials page.

Note[edit | edit source]

The in game description for Flail, incorrectly refers to the farming implement. Which is not included in the game.

Flails (Morningstars) may not be wielded in the off-hand

The morningstar has become identified as a flail, although a flail has only a few chain links to act as a hinge. This has created a cascade effect where the spiked mace is now labelled a morningstar, even with its in game description of ball and chain. Noting any mace without spikes/flanges would be a club. Because the spikes are not for piercing armor but to avoid deflection from armor. So the NWN2 mace would be a flanged mace. 

NWN2 Tip[edit | edit source]

Less popular due to weaker critical effect, the Flail (Morningstar) should not be ignored by characters seeking reach or as a backup blunt weapon.

Favored weapon[edit | edit source]

The following deities favor the flail:

Any favored soul or cleric w/ War domain following one of them will automatically receive the Martial weapon proficiency feat.

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