Type of feat
Int 13+, Combat Expertise
Required for
Class:Invisible Blade

The Feint feat can be used to deny your opponent their DEX bonus to AC for a combat round. In order for it to succeed you make a Bluff check with a target DC of the target's Base Attack Bonus plus their Spot skill. Regardless of whether their DEX bonus is removed, you only get a single attack that round (but Haste does stack with it). This feat is especially useful for rogues who can Sneak Attack with it. Any non-humanoid gets a +4 bonus to its DC. And against anything with a 1 or 2 intelligence it gets a +8 bonus to its DC. You can't feint against a non-intelligent creature.


Gameplay Notes Edit

To lay out the check and DC, they are:

Feint User: d20 + Total Bluff skill
Target DC:  d20 + Base Attack Bonus + Total Spot skill + Other bonuses
Other bonuses:
    +4 for non-humanoid
    +8 if unintelligent (1 or 2 intelligence)
    or Impossible if 0 intelligence.

If the check passes, the target loses their dexterity bonus and any dodge AC they might have for 6 seconds. If the targets dexterity bonus is 0 or less and they have no dodge AC, then there is little point in using this, unless the feinter is a rogue, as the target would meet the conditions necessary for a Sneak Attack. Note that the above formula for the target's DC is an educated guess, though it seems to be consistent with the results of this feat. There is a stochastic component to the target DC and it is modified by spot and BAB, it is unknown as to whether the "other bonuses" are added or not. This formula is consistent with the PnP target DC except that spot has been substituted for sense motive.

Contrary to the feat description, you do not lose any attacks using this ability other than the attack you sacrifice to make the feint attempt. Any of your allies attacking the feinted target will also benefit from the reduced AC and sneak attack susceptibility. You cannot feint with a ranged weapon.