These are the basic Feat Types for NWN2 as in the game.

  • Character background : are feats chosen at character creation that put a finer point to your character's background by adding strengths and weaknesses.

  • General Feats :

  • Proficiency Feats :

  • Spellcasting Feats :

  • Metamagic Feats :

  • Item Creation Feats :

  • Skills and Saves Feats :

  • Racial Abilities :

Feat types are a basic classification for selection of feats.

NWN1 includes the following feat types:

  • General: these feats can be chosen by anyone who fulfills the prerequisites.
  • General (Tactical): combat feats that have selected tactical use fall under this category (eg. power attack).
  • General (Proficiency): these give characters the ability to use certain armours and weapons (eg. armor proficiency (light)).
  • General (Skills and Saves): any passive feat that gives bonuses to skill checks or saving throws can be included here (eg. improved initiative).
  • General (Spellcasting): these feats are passive enhancements for spellcasters and non-spellcasters alike (eg. arcane defense).
  • General (Divine): some feats are unique to those with the gods on their sides (eg. divine might).
  • Background Trait: these feats may only be chosen at 1st-level and only one may be chosen per character (eg. snake blood).
  • Item Creation: craft wand, brew potion and the like fall under this category.
  • Metamagic: all feats that actively alter spell-casting are metamagic (eg. quicken spell)
  • Class: feats that are unique to classes and are allocated automatically as you progress in that class fall under this category (eg. evasion).