Type of feat
Class, Epic
Character level 21, Evasion, Epic Prowess
Required for

As a full attack action, the character makes a single normal attack against an opponent (regardless of the number of attacks per round they normally receive). If the attack hits, the target's weakness is exposed: every round for 5 rounds the target takes damage equal to the character's Dexterity bonus (minimum of 1). This damage ignores all damage reductions and immunities. During this time, the target's AC is also reduced by 3. This ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds.


Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Expose Weakness is a standard action, not a full-round action. The character doesn't lose any attacks when using Expose Weakness, rather the first attack of the flurry that Expose Weakness activates is the Expose Weakness attack.
  2. Melee attacks using Expose Weakness will always hit, dealing damage for a normal hit regardless of the attack roll or concealment. The message may display "Expose Weakness: failed", but the damage is still applied to the target. However, the effects of this feat (Dexterity modifier damage and AC penalty) are only applied if this attack roll hits.
  3. The effects of Expose Weakness stack with each other, both per user and between users. Note the following caveats:
    • Only Expose Weakness attacks with successful to-hit rolls will stack
    • As implied in the description, individual attacks with Expose Weakness will stack for up to 5 rounds
    • While the effects of Expose weakness may stack between users, the actual number of effects that may apply in any given round is likely still limited (users have claimed as many as seven [7] effects stacking in a given round)
    • The impact of successful Expose Weakness attacks from multiple users has not been fully explored. However, from the above description, it is reasonable to assume newer successful Expose Weakness attacks from one attacker will (eventually) override the duration of previous ones from others, including those which may be more potent in damage.
  4. A Warlock's "Hideous Blow" does not work with Expose Weakness.
  5. There is some debate about the auto-hit functionality of Expose Weakness with a ranged weapon. Some users claim this works, while others have not been able to produce the same results. Use of Expose Weakness can be attempted with a ranged weapon - however, it may not result in automatic hits and in any case the AC reduction and extra damage to the target will not occur even if the attack roll hits.

NWN comparison[edit | edit source]

  • This feat did not exist in NWN.
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