Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Attack bonus of +2 or higher.

Specifics: When your opponent provokes an attack of opportunity, you and all your allies gain a +2 circumstance bonus on attack and damage rolls on the following attacks against that creature for the next few seconds.

Use: Automatic.


  • This feat will not stack with other instances of Expert Tactician
  • Although the extra damage is not specifically delineated in the combat log, it is added to the final damage
  • The exact duration of this feat (i.e. "the next few seconds") is unknown; while bonuses may not last for the remainder of the round, they will as at least long as "Attack of Opportunity" overhead text is visible (similar to Feint)
  • A successful hit is not necessary with the attack of opportunity for the bonuses from this feat to apply, only the event

Gameplay tips and observations

  • Attacks of Opportunity (AoO) have a very close threat zone. Often, many such opportunities are missed due to being just outside this zone. Therefore, this feat requires the character be close to potential targets
  • Due to the limited availability of AoO and the brief duration of this feat's benefits, it is arguably best suited for just one front-line melee team member - ideally with many attacks. However those adjacent to the Expert Tactician can, with timing, also gain the +2 to hit and damage to their attacks (most likely, attacks of opportunity of their own - if so provoked)
  • The feat was considered broken and although it does not work completely as expected (for better and worse), it can be effective under the right circumstances. Due to limited triggers and benefit duration, this feat may be better suited for melee companions (e.g. Khelgar, a two-handed fighting focused Shandra Jerro, or possibly Neeshka). Of course, if this feat lasted longer and AoO had a larger threat area, it would be much more attractive for PC selection