Obsidian has stated that the following DnD skills will not be included in NWN2:

  • Climb
  • Knowledge
  • Jump
  • Ride
  • Sense motive
  • Swim

Disguise skill[]

Obsidian has stated that the disguise skill will not be included in NWN2. [1]

Knowledge skill[]

Ferret Baudoin, Lead Designer, Obsidian: "We're just going with the Lore skill. Even in sit down games it is hard to "hit" the various Lore skills enough for players to feel they got their money's worth picking up a particular lore skill. And that's with a live DM that can custom tailor content to meet the personalities and abilities of the players. We check a lot of things in dialogue in the single-player campaign and there's a point of diminishing returns when you add more skills to check."

Ride skill[]

J.E. Sawyer, Lead Designer, Obsidian: "Rideable horses will not be in NWN2. I'm sorry it's taken so long for you to get that answer, but there it is.

A lot of components of horses are in the game right now, but bits and pieces don't make a working whole -- especially when that working whole is a vast sprawl of interconnected subsystems.

Given their partial implementation, the large amount of work remaining for them, and their low integration into the official campaign, we decided to cut them. My apologies to those who may have been depending on mounts for their NWN2 module ideas and for players looking forward to using mounts in the OC and enduser campaigns."

Sense Motive skill[]

Ferret Baudoin: "No Sense Motive in NWN2. We already have sooo many lines of dialog, and adding enough checks to make Sense Motive a useful skill would get me on the top of many peoples' List (if I'm not there already). I can understand the sentiment but there are plenty of skills used in dialog currently."

Absent skills[]

The following skills do no show up in recent screenshots which contains full lists of class skills. New skills are unlikely at this point so therefore they are excluded:

  • Balance
  • Decipher script
  • Escape artist
  • Forgery
  • Gather information
  • Handle animal
  • Profession
  • Use rope

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