Is etherealness.png
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 9, Cleric: 9, Sorcerer/Wizard: 9
School : Transmutation
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Personal
Target/Area : 1+1 party member / 3 caster levels within 10'
Duration : 1 min. * cLevel
10 Rounds(cLevel)
Save : None


You and all party members within 10' become ethereal, meaning that no other creature can detect you. Attacking or performing a hostile action will make the etherealness vanish.

Gameplay Notes[]

  • Etherealness is subject to Mordenkainen's Disjunction, and is therefore not completely fool-proof. The combat AI, however, is flawed, and doesn't know how to cast Mord on location (only directly on target). AI controlled NPCs with True Seeing will still be able to cast Mord directly on ethereal targets under certain conditions (see note below).
  • Against enemies with True Seeing, Etherealness functions exactly like Sanctuary, except that there is no will save. Meaning, when an enemy with True Seeing perceives you, the game engine updates the internal target lists, adding the Perceived to the lists. When Etherealness is cast, the game engine erases the ethereal creature from all creatures' target lists. This means it's pointless to approach enemies with True Seeing while already ethereal, because they will still perceive you, resulting in an update of their target lists, so they will attack you. You need to cast Etherealness/Sanctuary AFTER they perceive you, which will disallow any attacks against the ethereal target (the combat AI will still force move the enemies to your location, so they basically follow you, but are unable to attack).
  • New AI introduced in SoZ completely ignores etherealness/ethereal jaunt if enemies are specifically assigned the command to determine their combat rounds (this usually happens after a cutscene or conversation when enemies turn hostile. Invisibility would prevent them from detecting you, but invisibility is dispelled when cutscenes or conversations are triggered, therefore etherealness used to be a good way to stay hidden when NPCs turn hostile. Doesn't work any longer. The actual problem is that the functions GetNearestCreature and GetObjectSeen are bugged and return ethereal creatures as visible:

It is possible to fix this by altering the combat AI scripts:

hench_i0_target.nss, InitializeBasicTargetInfo() function, #include "ginc_effect" required:

if (GetHasEffectType(ogClosestSeenEnemy,EFFECT_TYPE_SANCTUARY))
  if(!GetHasEffectType(OBJECT_SELF,EFFECT_TYPE_TRUESEEING)) //if I have true seeing, ignore return;

Note that the effect being checked above is EFFECT_TYPE_SANCTUARY, NOT EFFECT_TYPE_ETHEREAL, because both Etherealness and Ethereal Jaunt apply the EFFECT_TYPE_SANCTUARY effect, even though it's called EffectEthereal(). Don't forget to recompile hench_o0_ai script afterwards.