Type of feat
General, Epic
Crippling Strike
Required for

You deal halved sneak attack damage against creatures that are normally immune to sneak attacks.


Gameplay notes[]

This feat is very useful for bypassing an opponent's immunity to sneak attacks or critical hits. Opponents immune to critical hits normally ignore extra damage delivered via the feats shown below. However if the attacker also has Epic Precision, damage is as follows:

  • Sneak Attack will, as stated above, deliver half damage when used in conjunction with this feat
  • Bleeding Wound: will deliver full damage when used in conjunction with this feat
  • Death Attack: will deliver full damage when used in conjunction with this feat
  • Insightful Strike: will deliver full damage when used in conjunction with this feat. Also, unlike Sneak Attack and Death Attack, Insightful Strike damage is multiplied on critical hits

Remember, many critical immune opponents (e.g. undead) also have Damage Reduction to contend with. Damage reduction may reduce damage delivered via the above methods, just as by any other.

If damage applied is halved (sneak attacks only), it will be based first on total sneak attack damage rolled then rounded down for fractions, not half each die roll (if more than one d6 is rolled). For example:

  • On 1d6 damage, 1 halved (a roll of 1) = 0.5, rounded down to zero
  • On 1d6 damage, 5 halved (a roll of 5) = 2.5, rounded down to 2
  • On 2d6 damage, 6 halved (a roll of 1 and 5) = 3 (not 2)
  • On 2d6 damage, 11 halved (a roll of 6 and 5) = 5.5, rounded down to 5
  • On 3d6 damage, 8 halved (a roll of 1, 1 and 6) = 4 (not 3)
  • On 3d6 damage, 15 halved (a roll of 5, 5, and 5) = 7.5, rounded down to 7

And so on.


Since the Mask of the Betrayer campaign has a great many undead opponents, players who plan to have 10 or more rogue levels may consider investing in this feat.

3.5 Rules Comparison[]

  • This feat does not exist in D&D 3.5. However 3 spells exist that give the effect on one type of critical immune enemy for a few rounds. Alternate class features that trade a Rogue's trap finding ability for half Sneak Attack die on immune creatures also exist.