Type of feat
Divine, Epic
Cha 21, Str 21, Divine Might, Power Attack, ability to turn or rebuke creatures
Required for

Spend one of your turn/rebuke undead attempts to add twice your Charisma bonus to your weapon damage for a number of rounds equal to twice your Charisma modifier. The effects of this feat replaces (does not stack with) those granted by Divine Might.



  • Epic Divine Might deals divine damage, and is multiplied on critical hits.
  • The damage from this feat is applied to the character, which means damage resistance does not apply.
  • Beware that Epic Divine Might may require a thin spread of attributes, unless Red Dragon Disciple levels are used, or a race with a bonus to either Charisma or Strength.
  • Unlike Divine Might, a character does not have to level up in a class with the Turn Undead class feature (Cleric, Paladin, and Blackguard) to acquire this feat. E.g. a Bard 29/Cleric 1 that took Divine Might at level 3 as a cleric, can acquire Epic Divine Might at character level 29 as a Bard, as long as the other prerequisites are met.