When base classes reach epic levels (>20) they begin to recieve bonus feats in addition to the epic feats they would normally recieve on levels 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29. These bonus feats can be used to take any feats that the character could take with a regular epic feat. In addition Rogues may select their special abilities using these feats. Most classes will gain these feats every 3 class levels beyond level 20 (e.g. level 23, 26 and 29). There are the following exceptions:

  • Fighter: they gain epic bonus feats every 2 epic class levels (22, 24, 26, 28, 30)
  • Barbarian, Druid and Rogue: they gain epic bonus feats every 4 epic class levels (24 and 28)
  • Monk: they gain epic bonus feats every 5 epic class levels (25 and 30)

NWN ComparisonEdit

  • In NWN classes selected epic bonus feats from a restricted list of feats for each class. This restriction was lifted for NWN2.
  • In NWN Prestige classes could gain epic levels (levels beyond 10), these classes also gained epic bonus feats. Unfortunately epic class progression was not enabled for prestige classes in NWN 2
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