Type of feat
Ability to Wild Shape into a Large creature.
Required for

You can spend one of your wild shapes for the day to give yourself a natural armor bonus of +7 for 10 minutes.


Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Cannot be used while in wild shape, but can be activated prior to shifting in order to take advantage of the bonus.
  • The natural armor bonus does not stack with Barkskin or Tortoise Shell's enhancement bonus to natural armor.
  • The +7 Natural Armor bonus of this feat can be selected as early as CLVL 6. However, Druids level 11 or higher are probably better off using Tortoise Shell for its +6 natural AC bonus (+7 at caster level 14 and +8 at level 20) but lasting 10 minutes per level. Since this feat is not a prerequisite for any other it is, therefore, a wasted feat for those that intend to be Druids of level 11 or higher.
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