Electron is the next-generation graphics engine developed by Obsidian for NWN2. It replaces the Aurora engine BioWare created for NWN.

Engine featuresEdit

Through Electron, NWN2 will support a boosted portfolio of graphical capabillities over its predecesor. Everything in the game will be normal-mapped, and in addition exterior terrain will be height-mapped, allowing for steep cliffs and rolling hills. The walkmeshes will be editable, but as of yet there are no plans to allow overlapping layers of walkmesh, meaning you can pass over a bridge or under a bridge, but not both. There will be no more static lighting - all lighting will be dynamic and the module builder will be able to control it.

All placeables and models will be scalable, and tintable with a full range of colours. Few details about the particle system have been released, but pixel lighting is supported. Interiors will still use a tileset-based system, whereas exteriors will have paintable textures. Buildings and other models will be placeables, but the speed trees will be baked into the landscape. Weather, daylight cycle speed, and the position of the sun will all be changeable through sliders.