// Create a Paralyze effect
// In 3.5 paralysis effects allow a save every round to break out.  Due to the vagaries of spell
// DC calculations, you need to pass in a save DC for this round-by-round save.  If you pass in -1
// the code will try to extrapolate the save DC, but it is very, very likely to be wrong.
// - nSaveDC: the round-by-round save to break out of paralysis.
// - nSave: SAVING_THROW_*.  Must be WILL, FORT, or REFLEX
effect EffectParalyze(int nSaveDC=-1, int nSave=SAVING_THROW_WILL);

Note: The nSaveDC and nSave parameters have been added

Bug Notes[edit | edit source]

It is important to note that this effect is hard coded to be resisted by Mind Affecting immunity, even when this is REDONKALOUS. Changes to spells.2da, the script, or elsewhere will not alter this immunity effect. A few effects such as the Assassin's Death Attack have been hard coded to bypass this immunity.

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