Duncan Farlong (male true neutral fighter) is a major NPC in the Neverwinter Nights 2 official campaign.

"This man's sylvan ears remind you of Daeghun. Fortunately for everyone involved, his demeanor does not. Expressive and passionate, he's quick to anger and quicker to smile - you've yet to see him with a blank look on his face. Duncan is your foster father's half-brother, though he seems overjoyed to consider himself your uncle."

Official campaign[edit | edit source]

Uncle Duncan Farlong

Duncan is a retired adventurer and the owner of the Sunken Flagon, a tavern in the Docks district of Neverwinter. Years ago, he and his half brother Daeghun discovered two shards in the aftermath of the battle at West Harbor, where Daeghun's wife Shayla and the PC's mother Esmerelle were killed. They apparently knew a third shard was embedded in the infant, who remained surprisingly unscathed by the injury, and never told the child what happened that night. They attempted to have the shards scryed by Sand, but he couldn't detect anything beyond a trace residue of magic, which they speculated was just demons' fire.

After the githyanki raid on West Harbor, Daeghun sent the PC, now grown, to Neverwinter along with the shard he stashed in nearby ruins. The PC soon met with Duncan at the Sunken Flagon, and he gave him/her his shard. When Sand arrived, they had him rexamine the shards, now detecting a new surge of energy through them. Unable to guess what the shards were, he instead suggested speaking to Aldanon in Blacklake district. Unfortunately, Blacklake was closed down following the murders of Lord Dalren and Lord Gentry, so they determined the only way in was either to join the city watch or get assistance with the thieves.

Duncan allowed the PC, and his/her companions, to stay at the Flagon during the quest. Some time later, a young sorceress named Qara got into an altercation with two former classmates, and set the rafters on fire. The fight was taken outside, and the PC arrived in time to end the dispute. As punishment for the property damage, Duncan forced her to work as a waitress.

Duncan also had years earlier rescued Bishop from near death after the destruction of his hometown, and held him to a "debt" given the conditions concerning the village's destruction. After Shandra was abducted by githyanki raiders, Duncan called on his debt, requiring Bishop to help the player track the raiders to their base in Duskwood.

The player and companions remained at the flagon until Lord Nasher granted control of Crossroad Keep. The party relocated there, and Duncan's bartender Sal went to work at the keep's Phoenix Perch Inn. Duncan's fate during the evacuation of Neverwinter is unknown.

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