Type of feat
Druid, Epic
Character 21, Wisdom 29, Wild Shape 8x/day (requires 26 levels of druid)
Required for
Dragon Companion

The character may use wild shape to change into a dragon. The transformation has a duration of 1 hour per class level.

Selected (must choose which type of dragon)


The Red Dragon shape is the strongest of the three. The following stats are obtained from dragonform, -

  • STR 33 DEX 10 CON 23
  • 2d8+1 damage
  • 28 AC
  • 150 temporary bonus hitpoints
  • +1 attack bonus
  • Immunity: Mind effects, Paralysis, Sneak attack
  • Spell Resistance 22
  • True Seeing
  • Racial type Dragon


  • If the wizard's spell Enlarge Person or the cleric's Righteous Might is cast on the druid BEFORE he transforms into a dragon, the result is a dragon form that looks 10 times larger than its supposed to look.
  • If Reduce Animal is cast on bear form, that shape cancelled and then dragon shape taken on by the druid it will crash the game or cause the dragon to walk on the underside of the walkmesh in an area.
  • Deep Gnomes that transform into Red Dragons retain their racial SR of 41 rather than the dragon shapes SR of 22.
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