Type of feat
Class, Epic
Character 21, Dragon Shape, Epic Animal Companion
Required for

Druid can summon a small blue dragon or bronze dragon as a companion.


The level 30 character bronze and blue dragons have the following stats, (including epic animal companion):

Level 26 Dragon STR 24 DEX 17 CON 15 364 HPs 26BAB Spell Resistance 22 1d6 +8, 1d6 +8, 1d8+8 base damage. 36 Armor Class

Probably immune to mindspells, paralysis, sneak attacks, and has True Seeing

In comparison, a Brown Bear at level 30 with Epic Animal Companion has the following stats: Beast level 23, STR 28 DEX 24 CON 17 299 HPs, 42 AC, BAB 17. 1d8 damage

Overall, the dragon is an improvement, but not much of one. Most importantly, Greater Magic Fang, Jagged Tooth, and Nature's Avatar do NOT work since the new pet is not considered an "animal".

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